Week of Fasting and Prayer: Day 6

Acts 13:1-4; Acts 13:37; 1 Chronicles 16:24

We're on the final stretch here. I woke up this morning so relieved. I feel like I've already made it. even though we have the rest of today to go. Yesterday was a tough day for me. But being on the last day is surprisingly encouraging and energizing. If you've made it this far then you have every reason to rejoice in the Lord and we'll finish strong together today, and worship the Lord tomorrow morning together. I can't wait.

Okay, but we still have today and we don't want to just get through it. We want to sprint through the finish. And our missions partners need that from us. That's our focus today. Our local and global missionaries, and the churches and pastors we partner with around the world. This includes Tyler Hoitsma (Upper90), Matt and Stacey Anderson (YoungLife), Aaron and Kristi Wheaton (Light up Burkina), Joel and Angel Ballew (South American Mission), and Michael and Maegan Cody (Campus Outreach). These are the missionaries we support who minister around here and abroad.

Our church partners include Felix and Priscilla Kambou in Burkina Faso, Edison and Meredit Florez in Santa Marta, Colombia; Juan and Angie Hernendez in Baranquilla, Colombia; and Eduardo and Edna Fergusson in Riohacha, Colombia. You can visit the Generations App and click on the Prayer tab to see the most recent updates for everyone of these partners how we can be praying for them. I would love for us all to take the time throughout today to intercede for these dear brothers and sisters and partners in the gospel.

What a privilege it is for us all to part of GOd's work in these other places through all these ministries. Our giving, our relational support and our prayers really matter here. I would ask us all, as we pray today, to take the time to send at least one of these partners an email or text for encouragement. They surely need it. 

Then tonight, we have our last night of prayer from 7-8:30 at the church. Hopefully you can join us for a little bit of worship and prayer.    

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