But God

Guest post by Matías López

Let’s face it, life stinks right now. First there were a bunch of fires in Australia; then some earthquakes in Turkey; and now this… a global catastrophe. What’s next, Godzilla? As a 13-year-old, I was sitting in that bunker called home watching the world burn from the outside. The confirmed cases hit one million and the death toll is approaching 100,000. People are losing their jobs. Relatives of friends have died. And my grandma moved in with us. Then things got real.

It’s in times like these when I reflect on probably the two most important words out there: “But God”. Even through the darkest times where there seems to be no hope: But God. He will always be there for us no matter the circumstances. When I’m suffering physically, psychologically, or emotionally: But God. When I’m drowning in a world of despair: But God. When I can’t open the pickle jar: But God.

Sometimes we can let earthly things like jobs, relationships or hormones get in the way of our Christianity. And when we feel separated from God, we must go back to His word, His promise, His peace. At my age, I have no problem doing this because I’ve got Carlos Lopez as a dad. He is always rerouting me and my brother to Christ again and again. He is always integrating God’s name into every conceivable topic, which is sometimes a pain in the rear end, but also necessary.
I’m a teen so I have a different point of view on the world than most people, one of which includes thinking that the rest of humanity are idiots. But God. When I’m feeling like this, I try to concentrate, to go back to God’s power and sovereignty - which is hard to do when your face is all greasy and your head is too big for your body.

Pastor James’ sermon on April 5th really touched me. He talked about this coronavirus as being a sort of a plague sent by God to judge Christians. He suggested that we have assimilated to comfortable and God-less lives like the Jews way back when. So, God sent some plague or empire (I don’t remember the details) to steer them in the right direction. But, that raises the questions of “what if God is punishing us for our way of life”? Or “What if we have drifted away from God?” Or “What if this is God telling us ‘come to me for the end of times (or whatever) is coming’”? That’s a scary thought.

Whatever the case, of all times, now is the best time to give your life to God, repent, and believe so that we may have eternal life, and finally be able to open that pickle jar.

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