Bible Reading Plan for 2021

by James Rowell
One of my greatest pastoral burdens and desires is to see the people of God more engaged with the Word of God. One of the common barriers to personal Bible reading is the size and scope of the Bible. Where do I start? What  should I read? How much should I read? These questions paralyze us.

We need more than a good Bible reading plan to get engaged with the Scriptures. But the absence of a Bible reading plan is a plan not to read the Bible. I've experienced this personally and persistently in my life. That's why every November, I take time to put together a Bible reading plan for the next year.

There is nothing magical here. The entire Bible is God's word speaking directly to us. The entire Bible is helpful and profitable. So, the specifics of a Bible reading plan are less important than the existence of the Bible reading plan. Mine aim at 5 days a weeks of devotional reading. I read through whole books of the Bible or occasionally whole sections of a book (i.e. the Sermon  on the Mount or the life of Joseph). I try to read very manageable daily portions, rarely more than one chapter, and mostly 5-20 verses depending on genre and content. I like alternating between Old and New Testament and I often have supplemental things I want to study in relation to my devotional plan.

Again, there is nothing special about my approach in  general this year's plan in particular. But it is a plan. I'm posting it here and inviting you  to follow the plan with me. If you choose to do that, I would  love to talk about what we're reading along the way, so you can always text or call and we can encourage each other and share insights and think through things together at some level. I love creating community and building relationships around Bible reading. So, I this is useful to you. But if this plan doesn't work for  you, what is your plan? Do you have a plan? Will you take the time to make a plan?

I want to urge you toward that. We're 5 days into a new year, but that is not too late to think about this. This is one of the most meaningful and healthy disciplines in my life to nurture spiritual health and I would love to have you either join me, or use this template and create your own, or if you want other examples, reach out and let me know... I have several year's worth of plans I can give you. The point is, let's make 2021 a year of serious engagement with the Word of God as we faithfully pursue communion with God.

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