Prayer Focus for Fast - Day 7

Psalm 67

God’s heart has always been to gather to himself a people from among all the nations on the earth. The gospel is far greater in scale and scope than our lives and our church and our nation. Jesus’ mission and finished work are good news of great joy for all people. God has determined to make his saving power known and recognized and rejoiced over throughout the whole world. And so we pray toward the end for which God has made all things: the worship of His name and praise of His glorious grace. We started this week focused on personal integrity. But our personal integrity is playing into the larger redemptive narrative that culminates in every knee bowed and every tongue confessing that Jesus Christ is Lord to the glory of God the Father. So, we’re praying for the nations today. Let’s intercede for our brothers and sisters around the world as well as for the reaching of lost sons and daughters of God who have yet be reconciled to the Father.

  • Pray for our mission partners and the churches they work with around the world… Joey and Michelle Womble’s work in Siberia; Aaron and Kristi Wheaton’s work in Burkina Faso; Edison and Meredit Florez in Colombia; and Acts 29 Global. Consider, how you might personally go beyond prayer to encourage, support or in any way reinforce these partnerships.
  • Pray for the persecuted church around the world. We have brothers and sisters suffering significantly in different parts of the world whom we need to remember and intercede for. Pray for their boldness, steadfastness and the fruitfulness of their sufferings.
  • Are their any missionaries or ministry workers you know serving Jesus around the world? How might you encourage them today and let them know they are loved and near to the heart of God?
  • Is their any indifference or callousness toward the nations which you need to repent confess and repent for?
  • Pastor Felix, from Burkina Faso, a couple weeks ago challenged us to consciously begin to make a contribution to fulfilling the great commission. How is God calling you to expand engagement with global missions in 2020 personally?
  • God has also brought the nations to us. What opportunities do you have to present and represent the gospel to the nations by engaging those already proximate to you geographically, though distant from you culturally?

Our mission is overwhelming. But that's why we need Jesus to accomplish it. If we give ourselves to that which is God's ultimate intention we will surely discover more of his ultimate power.

It's a thrilling time in history to be a follower of Jesus. Our God is moving in significant ways all around the world, and He's given us a signifacnt part to play. We are not on the sidelines of the greatest story ever told... we're living in the thick of it. Let's live in to God's purpose for us. Let's fulfill the task to which God has called us in our generation.

Abraham Kuyper wrote that, "There is not a square inch in the whole domain of our human existence over which Christ, who is Sovereign over all, does not cry, Mine!” Let's infiltrate the kingdom of darkness with the announcement and demonstration that God's Kingdom is at hand. Let's reclaim another inch, another neigborhood, another city block, another country mile, another rural village. It all rightfully belongs to him and will inevitably surrender to him. Let's participate now and perpetuate now what will be consummated then.

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