Prayer Focus for Fast - Day 6

National Awakening
Psalm 2

Obviously, these are polarized times in our country. It's easy to think the issues are political, social, moral, economic or whatever else. But the real need of our country is Jesus. Like all kingdoms of the earth, ours is set against Jesus. Like Israel in her former days, we are prone to doing what is right in our own eyes. In fact, because of the individualistic spirit that defines our land, the political freedom we're afforded, and the economic prosperity that creates historic access and excess, we are unusually capable of doing whatever is right in each of our own eyes. Wherever the problems manifest, and in whichever spheres you are most concerned about, the real root problem exists in the hearts of people. Our prayer focus today is for our country to come to it's senses, and to experience a widespread gospel awakening in our day.

Some things to pray about and think through:

  • Pray for our President... for his personal character, integrity, humility, and repentance; that he would repent of sin and self and come to know Jesus; that he would conduct himself and make decisions that advance justice and righteousness.
  • Pray for our Supreme Court... that God would give them wisdom, understanding, and courage to judge equitably, humanely, and morally; pray that they would come to know their Judge in a real and personal way, and that they would sit under His word and authority as they do their work.
  • Pray for our State and Federal Leaders... that they would govern with integrity of heart, conviction and humility; that they would work together for the sake of our country's good; for them to come to know the One who ultimately put them in office; and for them to rule according to His word and ways.
  • Pray for our Local Officials (Shout out Andrew Hixson) - Pray for our mayor, city councils, and other officials... to have wisdom and insight from above in how to best serve their communities; for them to know Jesus and be favorable toward people of faith; for them to build up the people they serve and create a more just and equitable communiity.
  • It's popular for everyone to hate on government. How can you honor and encourage your local officials and public servants who bear a weighty responsibility?
  • It's also common to focus on the massive issues in the news and given attention by media outlets. But how can you take those big concerns of the day down to a local and personal level? How is God calling you to move beyond identifying problems to be part of the solution where you are?
  • Whatever ills there are in our society, they are scaled manifestations of what originates in our hearts. We are actively complicit in some things and passively complacent toward others. Rather than just lamenting the problems out there, what might you need to reppent for in terms of mindsets, actions, inactions, posture, judgements, etc, that may be contributing to larger problems?
  • Pray for the Church across the United States... for her renewal and faithfulness; for her devotion to repentance, holiness, humility, truth and the Word of God; for her willingness to suffer should our circumstances require it; for her boldness and winsomeness in bearing witness to Jesus and the gospel; for her to be a prophetic voice to the conscious of our nation.

It's a good time to turn off the news and podcasts and just pray. We have never been in greater need of God than right now. And God loves to intervene at such times. Let's love our nation and our leaders and our communities enough to pray for them and not just complain about what's broken within them. Let's pray that the Holy Spirit would break into our own day, beginning with the Church. From there, let's pray that the gospel would penetrate the hardened places in our hearts and culture, bridge divides of every sort, that we might come to the end of our efforts to be a shining city on a hill without the Light of the World shining into our hearts.

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