Week of Fasting and Prayer: Day 4

Titus 2:1-15; Acts 20:28-30; 1 Peter 5:1-4

We're turning the corner today and over half way home. I am praying for us all, that the Lord would be found by us as we seek Him. Things start to get harder at this point. At least they do for me. I was greatly encouraged and energized personally by doing the podcast yesterday with Caleb as we talked through Isaiah 58 and some things about fasting. If you're participating in the media fast side of this week, the Weekday Worship podcast doesn't count. You are totally allowed to listen to it and I think it will be good timing at this stage to be encouraged in your pursuit of the Lord.

Today, our prayer focus is for the elders and wives, staff and OneHeart church. We're so grateful for the place God has given us to meet as a church and make into our home together. God's generosity to us has come in so many forms, and a significant source has been One Heart. Let's pray for God's blessing  on them and their fruitfulness and faithfulness as a church even as we pray for our own health and progress.

I was reading the passages for the day and was struck by the Titus 2 passage. I'm overwhelmingly thankful for the ways in which Generations has become a church where Paul's vision in v. 1-5 are especially taking shape. I spoke with someone newer to our church yesterday who had experienced the love and care and discipleship of the older generation as a new Christian in their former church. One of the things they appreciate about Generations is the presence of that dynamic in our church family. I love it too.

It blows me away to see the intergenerational relationships that form here. To see the older generation serving, investing in and pouring themselves out for the younger, while respecting them and learning from them as well is so refreshing. At the same time, to see the younger generation so honoring of, appreciative of and responsive to those who have gone before us is so beautiful. I see this genuine respect for and taking one another seriously in the best ways that is such a life giving dynamic in our church.

As you seek the Lord today, let me urge you to thank him for those people he has placed around you that are helping to form you into the image of Christ. Give him thanks for those He has placed in your path that you get to pour into and make an impact. Our contribution to the discipleship of others is actually a critical dimension to our own discipleship. Maybe God has powerfully used people outside of our church to give meaningful shape to your life with God. Consider them and thank God  for them today. And then take this step...

Reach out to those people and thank them. Romans 12 tells us to "outdo one another in showing honor." Today is a great occasion to do that for people who led and served you. Reach out to people who have entrusted you with influence. One of the things Caleb and I talked about on the podcast from Isaiah 58 yesterday, is how fasting, according to God, is to make us more aware of our relationships and the people and needs around us. Well, your brothers and sisters and your spiritual fathers and mothers need encouragement. Let's honor those people in our lives explicitly and directly today.

Lastly, maybe you haven't experienced that kind of mentoring or discipleship here. Or maybe you haven't experienced it ever. Maybe you have been discipled but never intentionally invested in the discipleship of another. Generations' exists to make disciples, so we want you to have a new experience. We want to be surrounded with some folks who help you walk with Jesus and we believe you have a valuable contribution to make in our walking faithfully with Jesus. I'll encourage you to seek the Lord today about how to pursue discipling relationships within our church. And if you don't know where to begin but want that, feel free to reach out to me or any other leaders or staff. Just ask around if you don't know who those people are.

May the Lord strengthen you today and surround you with His own presence.  

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