Two Encouraged Forms of Media During a Media Fast

Here we are on day 1 of a week-long media fast. I've received some questions seeking to clarify what qualifies as "media" in this media fast. I don't take that to be people trying to get around the spirit of exercise, but more a recognition of how media-laced our lives are. So, for my part, I'm trying to abstain from all unhealthy media use which busies my soul with the cares of this world and sabotages the truth and gospel clarity.

I'm staying off Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, all podcasts, all blogs (except this one) and all news outlets. Yours may differ slightly. I'm not here to enforce or police anyone. This is an invitation out of that which distracting and even assaulting our souls in order to dial deeply into Jesus and the peace which he offers us.

So, in addition to some daily Scripture readings, I wanted to suggest two sanctifying forms of media which are likely to spur on your aliveness to God.

The first one is surprising, but decisively helpful. One of my daughters yesterday, on Father's Day, literally declared to me in a moment of overt disobedience, "I won't back down." I dealt with the situation parentally but it put something in my mind that wouldn't go away... Tom Petty.
"You can stand me up at the gates of hell but I won't back down."

I dare you to listen to that song. I have several times. It helps my resolve. I may listen to that one every day for a while. Here's a link to the song.

The second one may be more obvious if you're aware of it. It's the show The Chosen. If you haven't watch it yet, you totally should. If you have, you may think about watching again. It's a beautifully made drama series about the life and ministry of Jesus. I will warn you that it starts a little slow and the pacing is slow throughout. It captures something of the pacing of the times I believe.

The first couple episodes develop some background with creative liberties, but then we start to see narratives from the gospels come to life and it is breathtaking at parts. I've cried through most of the episodes which beautifully capture something of the heart and personality of Jesus. The first episode is embedded below but you can link to show page above.

Every episode is free on YouTube. Take advantage.

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