Availability as an Expression of Love

I am struggling, as I know many of you are, to sort through how to love our neighbors responsibly at a time when separation is the clearest kindness we can offer. Still, people are in need right now of practical help and relational connection. Different people have different limitations and different fears during this crisis. And we have different capacities and comfort levels with what we are positioned to offer others. I wonder if it's not a legitimate and meaningful expression of love to just be available to people. But then they can't receive or experience that love if we don't clearly communicate it.

I made up these cards yesterday as a way to responsibly but explicitly communicate that we are available to our neighbors. There are some customizable aspects to it so that we can clarify the ways in which we are available as well. If it's useful to you, great. If it's not, fine. Just wanted to give you something you could work with to at least make yourself available to your neighbors to the degree that you are led by the Spirit to do so.


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