Aligning Our Inner World to God's Word

Guest post by Martina McCallie

I have to start with a confession – I don’t like to write. I’m not too good at it, and when I do, I have to labor over it. So, when James asked me to write a word of encouragement, I went through all kinds of emotions in just one minute. Obviously I agreed to it.

Why, you wonder? I knew that I was given an opportunity to reflect on my current “state of heart”, confess, repent, and turn from it to once again head in the right direction of trusting God in the midst of chaos.

Last week, on Monday, my heart was gripped by fear, and my mind felt numb. I tried to read through the passages from our Bible study homework. I also listened to the audio version while reading along, but the words just bounced off. I was distracted by the smallest thing. Later in the day I ventured to the store to get a few needed items. When I saw the empty shelves, I got utterly depressed.

I immediately thought of the years we spent in Africa, not even there had we ever encountered anything like this. I still tend to shop like the majority of Europeans, that is buying enough for a few days BUT NOT weeks. That night I understood that I needed to go back to the basics – utter dependence on God, and His Word; believing all His Word tells us about Him.

I was actually quite shocked how easy it was to take my eyes off Him, and following man’s wisdom. And how quickly peace was replaced by anxiety. I knew that my lack of trust and faith was dishonoring to God, made a mockery of His sacrifice, and the many provisions throughout the years. I repented of my lack of faith, asked Him to cleanse me from all unrighteousness and thanked Him for His grace, mercy and patience toward me.

When Jim and I read Scripture the next morning the fog had lifted. I “heard” the words again with heart and mind. Praise the Lord! But obviously it’s a daily decision I need to make – believe God; He is trustworthy; His Word sustains me,; He walks alongside me; He ALWAYS has a purpose,......
During the week of fasting in January, I read through Psalm 1-12 and made a list of all I learned about God's character. I share that with you here, as a reminder for you and a reminder for me of why trusting God right now makes sense:

  • The Lord knows the way of the righteous
  • He is enthroned in the heavens
  • He is Holy
  • God is omnipotent
  • He is Sovereign, His plans stand
  • He is the Ruler of all
  • The Lord is our shield, He answers prayer, sustains us, takes care of our enemies
  • He is our Salvation
  • The Lord is a blessing to His people
  • He is gracious and trustworthy
  • God places us in safety
  • He hears when we call
  • He heals
  • He rescues
  • He saves us because of His lovingkindness
  • He hears our voices when we are weeping, hears our pleas
  • He is our refuge
  • He is just, He judges the nations
  • He is a righteous judge
  • His majestic name fills the earth
  • His words are pure words
  • He keeps the righteous
  • The Lord places the needy and poor into safety

An evangelist recently said – the antidote to fear is faithfulness. I pray that we will be found faithful in this very uncertain time to Him who is faithful at all times.

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