Comforting Truth in Uncomfortable Times

Guest post by Paul Wilson

I have never blogged before so bear with me my fellow Saints :) It is amazing to me how fragile God has created our world. In just a few short weeks an invisible virus has created a panic in our world that many, if not most of us, have never experienced.

I have been through some historical, and at the moment, earth shattering events in my life: The race riots in Detroit in 1967; the Blizzard of 1977 in Buffalo; the Mariel boat lift in Miami in 1980; the McDuffie race riots in Miami in 1980; the Cocaine Cowboy era of the 1970’s-80’s in Miami; Hurricanes David, Andrew, Katrina and too many more to name; 9/11; The Gulf War; as well as earthquakes and tsunamis in Southeast Asia. All these events had a significant impact on life as we knew it and the damage was very visible.

But this COVID-19 thing is different. We have an invisible enemy among us, just like Satan. There is so much we don’t know and yet we are bombarded daily by the media with information and misinformation. People are hunkered down and yet others are partying on the beach. The entire world as we know it has been impacted beyond anything we have experienced and yet we have the lingering question of what’s next?

What will tomorrow bring? What about next week or next month or next year? How will this impact jobs, finances, schooling and God’s church? So many things possibilities to ponder that you could go mad just thinking about it.

So what does God tell us to do during times such as this? Seek Him. Trust Him. Worship Him. Proclaim His Gospel. Be at peace and be joyful. We can only do these God honoring things if we do it together as a Body of Christ. I've only scratched the surface of disasters in my own lifetime. His church is over 2,000 years old and has survived all the calamities throughout the history of this crazy world which we live in. And His Church will continue to survive and even thrive until Jesus comes to take us home! Be strong in the Lord together, my brothers and sisters. Encourage one another for He is Mighty, He is good, and He is still in control!

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