One of the Best Conference Talks I've Ever Heard

I meet on Wednesdays with our ministry residents and cover assigned reading, Scripture, life and other current relevant topics. Last week in our reading there were some questions assessing church culture that we discussed. One of them was this:

“Is there some place in your church’s life where obedience to Christ is being withheld but his blessing is expected anyway?”

That’s never a bad question to consider. In our conversation there was a pretty strong consensus that Generations has room to grow in our evangelistic zeal and boldness. The interaction was both uplifting and convicting. It made me think of one of the best talks I’ve ever heard at a conference of any kind. I sent it out to those guys last week and we discussed it today. It really would be of benefit to everyone of us though so I thought I’d share here. This is Ross Lester, a South African pastor in Acts 29 from the Global Gathering Conference in 2017. I pray it helps us all think soberly, strategically and spiritually about where God has situated us and the times in which we live.

My Life as a Suburban Church Planter

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