CHURCH partners

"I thank my God every time I remember you. In all my prayers for all of you, I always pray with joy because of your partnership in the gospel from the first day until now."
Philippians 1:3-5
Because of our commitment to planting gospel-centered churches and making disciples, we partner with church planters both locally and globally. If you're part of Generations, we encourage you to make it a priority to pray for these brothers and sisters who are faithfully laboring to make Christ known!

Edison Florez

Pastor, Iglesia Reformada Calvary
Santa Marta, Colombia
Family: Meredid, Sofía, & Evans

  1. I ask you all to pray for my family's health. My son Evans has had a fever for 4 days, and my wife Meredith and I have flu-like symptoms.
  2. I ask for prayer for spiritual wisdom to shepherd the church together with the other elders.
  3. I ask for prayer for financial provision for the families of the church.


Juan Hernández

Pastor, Rescue Mission Church
Barranquilla, Colombia
Family: Anyela (Angie) & Sarita

Please pray for spiritual growing up and for wisdom to navigate this season! we have seen a huge increase of online students at the seminary, before covid we had nearly 200 virtual students, now we have nearly 650!! and our desire of planting a church in a town called Saint Thomas, is intact.

Over here things are still hard but we believe are going better little by little. We have been able to gather again for the last 8 weeks, people are coming back to church full of hope in the everlasting life, also, new people have come to join us.

Eduardo Fergusson

Pastor, Iglesia Cristiana Vida en Su Palabra
Riohacha, Colombia
Family: Edna & Emma

After a difficult year, the church is doing well. One of the most challenging decisions we made after a hard year was for the church to support one of the pastors full time. So my fellow pastor, Andres, starting this month will be providing to his family only through the church. He quit his job as a teacher as it was time-consuming and we weren't able to care for the church properly, so our prayer is for us as a church to be able to cover his salary. Please join us in praying for that, and may the Lord add more of his people to the church.

Felix Kambou

Pastor, EPE Bounouna
Banfora, Burkina Faso

We have several prayer topics: Maintain the vision and mission that God has entrusted to the church. The numerical and spiritual growth of the Church.

Church projects: The construction of churches and the construction of a school in the courtyard of the church. Pray for our student at Bible school. Motorcycles for the servants of God.

Our student is a Turka (people group in Burkina Faso) from Bodadjougou named Adama Siri. He is in second year. I personally contributed for the first year but it remains the second year and the third year. He will be an instrument for reaching the Turka people.

Pray for the construction of the missionary center and the realization of the vision of formation of evangelists and missionaries. Pray for the orphanage. We have 12 babies. pray for their health, their future, their support. Pray for workers to work with love.

Pray that God bless all donors. Those who support the orphanage. Pray for the other buildings that remain to be built: administration, health center, nursery, guest house.

Finally pray for my family: Schalom our son because he can't walk. Praying for our health as a family, my wife and I. Pray for the future of my children Maximine and Kevin. Pray that God will continue to equip us spiritually for his work. Pray that we have a good pastor to work at the church in Banfora. Because we have a lot of work. Finally pray for the completion of our family home.